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Make a button transparent

A transparent button means the button's background color is semitransparent or completely transparent. Especially in the case of a completely transparent background color, there's a border around the button. The hover state can also be solid, transparent, or semi-transparent.

Make the button's background color transparent by changing the opacity of the button's Background color setting, using the color picker slider. See the this article about the color picker. Then you can create a button border in the Border section. section.

Where the background color and border settings are located depends on the module in which the button occurs:

  • In the Button module, the Background color setting and Border section are on the Style tab.
  • In the Callout module, these settings appear on the Link tab when you set Type to Button in the Call to Action section.
  • In the Call to Action module, Contact Form module, and Subscribe Form module, the settings appear on the Button tab.