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Manage saved rows, columns, and modules

Any saved rows, columns, or modules can be managed from the Beaver Builder menu in the WordPress admin panel. If you don't see Beaver Builder in the admin panel, see this article on enabling it.

Some tasks you can do in both the Beaver Builder editor and the BeaverBuilder admin panel, and others you can only do in one or the other. The following table shows a comparison of tasks involving saved rows, columns, and modules in the Beaver Builder editor versus the Beaver Builder admin panel.

TaskBeaver Builder editorBeaver Builder admin panel
Save rows, columns, modulesyesyes
Edit saved rows, columns, modulesyesyes
Delete saved rows, columns, modulesyesyes
Add an image with the display of the row, column, or module on the Saved tabyes
Rename the title or slug of saved rows, columns, modulesyes
Change from global to standard or standard to global rows, columns, or modulesyes
Export or import rows, columns, modules across sitesyes