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Insert a saved row, column, or module into your layout

The procedure for inserting a saved row, column, or module is the same whether it's standard or global.

  • In the Content panel, click the Saved tab, then drag the saved row, column, or module into your layout.

You can't drag a column from the Saved tab inside another column in your layout because of the possibility that the saved column can have child columns, which would exceed the limit of one level of nesting. See more information about column limits

A workaround is to drag the column into a row as a main column and inspect it. If it has no child columns, you can move it from there into another column.

Global rows, columns, or modules have an orange overlay after they are inserted. Any modification you make to them will affect the saved version and all other instances in your site. Standard rows, columns, or modules don't have any special formatting in your layout because they no longer have any association with the saved version.