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Resize or reset column width

You can change the size of column widths relative to the other columns in the same layer. You can also reset the columns to equal width. Finally, you can customize width percentage for medium and small devices โ€“ see the Related Articles for that.

Resize column width#

There are two ways to resize column width. In both cases, resizing one column width resizes the other column width in the same layer. For example, by default two columns in a layer is sized at 50% width each. If you resize one column to 60%, the other column automatically resizes to 40%.

Method 1: Use Column Settings#

Changing the width of one column automatically resizes the other columns in the same layer. For example, if you have three columns, by default the width of each is 33.33%. If you change one column width to 10%, the others adjust to 45% each.

  1. Click the column icon for a column in the layout and choose Column settings.
  2. On the Style tab, change the percentage in Column width.
    This setting applies to all device sizes unless you use the procedure below to change the width separately for medium and small devices.

Method 2: Drag column handle in layout#


This is the better method if the layer has more than two columns and you want to adjust each one.

In your layout, mouse over a column and drag the column handle, shown here:


If you have two module layers stacked in the same column, you can drag the handles on either module and both will resize. In the screenshot above, making the column width smaller for the image also reduces the width of the text above it, because both modules are in the same column.

Reset column widths#

With this procedure you can reset column widths to evenly divided widths for the entire layer.

To reset the column widths for the entire column layer:

  • Mouse over a module to display the options, then mouse over the Column icon and click Reset column widths.
    If the options display a hamburger icon, click that to reveal the Column icon.

If you have custom widths set for medium and small devices on the Advanced tab, you must change those back to the Default setting manually.

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