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Set up a Mega Menu

You can turn standard drop-down menus into mega menus in the Beaver Builder Theme, as shown in this screenshot.

Create a Mega Menu#

  1. From the WordPress admin panel, click Appearance > Menus.
  2. In the upper right corner, click Screen Options and make sure the CSS Classes checkbox is selected.
  3. Scroll down to your menu items and open the top-level menu item whose nested menu items you would like to turn into a mega menu.
    In the screenshot below, the target top-level item is Services.
  4. In the CSS Classes field, enter mega-menu, as shown in the screenshot.
    All of the menu items nested below the top-level item will be converted into a mega menu instead of a standard drop-down list.

The mega menu is automatically disabled with the mega-menu-disabled class if the mega menu width exceeds that of the menu container. For full Bootstrap 4, the container width limit is 960px.

Hide mega menu headings#

You can hide the heading for any of the columns in your mega menus.

To hide a mega menu column heading:

  1. On the Appearance > Menus page, scroll down to a nested menu item whose heading you want to hide.
  2. In the CSS Classes field, enter hide-heading.
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