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The Menus tab in Customizer

To display a new menu, you have to create a menu, choose what it will contain, and associate the menu with one or more locations in the Beaver Builder Theme's layout. You can create up to three separate menus.


You can also create or edit the menu and specify menu locations by going to Appearance > Menus from the WordPress admin panel.

Add a menu and specify a location

Use this procedure to specify the menu items and specify one or more locations for where the menu should appear: top bar, header, or footer. Then use the procedure in the next section to make sure your menu is configured in the locations you choose.

  1. Go to Customizer > Appearance > Menus.
  2. Click Create new menu and give the menu a name.
  3. Choose one or more locations where you want this menu to appear.
  4. Click Add Items and select the pages or other links that you want to appear in your menu.
    After you add items, you can reorder them as you like.
  5. In the Menu options section, select the checkbox if you want new pages to automatically be added to this menu.
    Leave it blank if you want to add new menu items manually.

Configure the menu location

  • If you selected the top bar as a location, go to Customizer > Header > Top bar layout and make sure Menu is selected as one of the top bar columns.
  • If you selected the header as a location, make sure the menu settings are configured at Customizer > Header > Nav layout.
  • If you selected the footer as a location, go to Customizer > Footer > Footer layout and make sure Menu is selected as one of the footer columns.

See also the articles about how to create a mega menu.