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Do I lose my work if I don't renew my subscription?

Our annual subscription fees are there so we can continue to provide you with updates and outstanding support. (See our Terms and Conditions.) Also don't forget the great discount we offer at renewal time.

Here's what happens if you choose not to renew and your license expires. You can't download Beaver Builder products anymore, but you can continue to install and use any versions of Beaver Builder that you've already downloaded. So essentially Beaver Builder freezes at the version you have installed when your license expires. You won't be able to contact Beaver Builder Support for help.

We cannot guarantee how long older versions of Beaver Builder will work if you update other parts of your site or platform. This is because updates to PHP WordPress, or other plugins can affect the functionality of Beaver Builder products, and we often issue updates to stay compatible. It's wise from a security standpoint to keep all your site's software up to date.

For these reasons, if you decide not to renew your license, we advise you to start thinking about moving your content to another solution. Unlike other page builders that use shortcodes, if you deactivate the Beaver Builder plugin, the text and images are automatically made available in the WordPress editor.