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Import / Export Tab

The Import / Export tab in the Beaver Builder settings allow you to export, import, and reset Beaver Builder global settings. By using this feature, you are able to easily configure Beaver Builder global settings for other websites you may be working on.

Access Import / Export Settings

  1. Access your site's WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Beaver Builder.
  3. Then click the Import / Export Settings tab.

Beaver Builder Advanced settings

Export Settings

When you click the Export Settings button, a file called bb-global.txt will be downloaded containing all Beaver Builder global settings. The bb-global.txt file can then be used to import those settings to another site using Beaver Builder.

Import Settings

The Import Settings button allows you to import the bb-global.txt file.

To import global settings:

  1. Clicking the Import Settings button.
  2. In the Import Settings window, upload the bb-global.txt.
  3. Click Import Settings File button and confirm.

Additionally, you can upload the bb-global.txt file directly to the WordPress media library by clicking on Media > Add New in the WordPress admin dashboard. It can be used to store the file for safekeeping and import it later.

Reset Settings

You can revert any changes you have made to Beaver Builder's global settings using the Reset Settings button. For this action to be completed, confirmation is required.