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The WooCommerce tab in Customizer

If you have the WooCommerce plugin installed, you'll see a WooCommerce tab in Customizer. This tab has the following settings:

  • Store notice
    Enter text for a store notice to be shown site-wide.
  • Product catalog
    • Choose what to display on the main shop pages (products, categories, both).
    • Choose what to display on product category pages (products, subcategories, both).
    • Choose how products should be sorted in the catalog by default (popularity, price, etc.)
  • Product images
    Set the main image width, thumbnail width, and thumbnail cropping style.
  • Checkout page
    • Choose whether the company name, the second line of the address, and the phone are optional, required, or hidden.
    • Optionally select a page in your site for the privacy policy.
    • Optionally select a page on your site for the terms and conditions.
    • Enter text for a privacy policy that will appear on the Checkout page.
    • Enter text for terms and conditions that will appear on the Checkout page.

If you have custom button settings at Customize > General > Buttons, they apply to WooCommerce buttons as well.