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The Export/Import tab in Customizer

You can export your theme's Customizer settings as a backup or to import them to another site.

All of the Beaver Builder Theme settings are made through the WordPress Customizer, so you can export and import your theme's settings with the Customizer Export/Import Plugin from the Beaver Builder team. The import/export screen will help you install and activate this plugin the first time you export or import.

To export or import Customizer settings:

  1. Go to Customize > Export/import.
    If this is the first time you're using this feature, click the Install & Activate button to install the plugin. Then navigate back to Customize > Export/import.
  2. Click Export to export your customizer settings as a .dat file to your local system, or use the Import section if you already have an exported .dat file on your local system.
    When you import, you shouldn't need to select the checkbox to download and import image files, because they should already be in your Media Library, but if you can't see (for example) your custom header logo after your import, try importing the .dat file again and select that checkbox.

Most themes use the WordPress Customizer for all of their custom settings, but not all do. This plugin exports only Customizer settings.