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Version: stable

Post Info module

The Post Info module is in the Post modules category, which appears only when you're editing a Singular-type themer layout in Themer. It displays a single post or page's date, author, number of comments, and terms (categories, tags, or a custom taxonomy).

Each type of information can be displayed or hidden, and there are some additional settings for each type:

  • Date
    You can set the date format.
  • Comments
    You can customize the text that is displayed for no comments, one comment, and more than one comment. The default text is "No comments," "1 comment," and "% comments," where % stands for the exact number of comments when there are more than one.
  • Terms
    You can choose whether to display categories, tags, or a custom taxonomy, and you can choose the separator character when there's more than one. You can only display one of these types of terms at a time.

There are also the usual Advanced tab settings, which means you can customize margins, responsive layout, visibility, animation, and assign an ID or class name.

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