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Version: 1.5

Post Content module

The Post Content module is in the Post modules category, which appears only when you're editing a Singular-type Themer layout. It creates a placeholder for the content area in the layout, and it displays the content that authors create for an individual post.

  • For whatever post or page is being viewed, the Post Content module pulls the content from either the WordPress editor (standard or classic) or a Beaver Builder layout. Here's how to use Themer Singular layouts with Beaver Builder content.
  • WordPress has only one content area. Although you can add more than one Post Content module to a Singular themer layout, the content in whatever page or post is viewed appears in every place you add the module, so you'll have duplicated content.

The only settings available for the Post Content module are those on the Advanced tab to customize settings such as margins, responsive layout, visibility, animation, and HTML values.