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Singular layout: Product Tabs module

The Product Tabs module is in the WooCommerce modules category, which appears only when you're editing a Singular-type layout in Beaver Themer and you've assigned a single product page as the location.

The Product Tabs module displays the product tabs that you get on a standard WooCommerce product page, including:

  • Tab 1: Full description of product
    If the product's full description field is blank, this tab isn't visible.
  • Tab 2: Additional Information
    Additional information includes weight, dimensions, and product attributes, as in the following screenshot. If there is no additional information specified in the product, this tab isn't visible.
  • Tab 3: Reviews
    Displays a list of the customer reviews with their ratings. If reviews are not enabled, this tab isn't visible

Module settings#

This module has only an Advanced tab, where you can customize margins, responsive layout, visibility, animation, and assign an ID or class name.

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