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Version: Beaver Themer 1.5


The Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) WYSIWYG field is supported in Beaver Themer via a field connection shortcode.

Getting started

To get started, create your WYSIWYG field in ACF and use the shortcode to display the WYSIWYG field on your pages or posts. You can use the shortcode inside any module that supports HTML such as a Text or HTML module.


Here is an example of the Beaver Themer WYSIWYG field connection shortcode.

[wpbb post:acf type='wysiwyg' name='']

The name='' attribute is where you enter your WYSIWYG field name.

Options Page

The Beaver Themer WYSIWYG field connection shortcode also supports WYSIWYG fields added to the ACF Options page by adding site:acf_option to the field connection shortcode.

[wpbb site:acf_option type='wysiwyg' name='']