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Enable Font Awesome Pro icon sets

Font Awesome is deprecating the use of Font Awesome Pro icons through their Content Delivery Network (CDN) and recommends the use of their icon kits instead. You can use either method of Font Awesome Pro font delivery through Settings > Beaver Builder. This enables you to skip all the code that Font Awesome recommends you use to enable and use the icons.

To enable Font Awesome Pro icons using a Font Awesome Kit or their CDN:

  1. Log into your Font Awesome account and create or open a kit for your domain.
    If you have already registered your site at their CDN, that will work also.

  2. Copy just the URL from the Kit Code.
    The URL ends in .js.

  3. Go to Settings > Beaver Builder > Icons.

  4. Select the checkbox Enable Font Awesome PRO icons, then click Save icon settings.
    If you've registered through the Font Awesome CDN, Beaver Builder autodetects the registration and displays a yellow star to show it was successful. Skip the next step.

  5. If you're using a Font Awesome kit, enter the kit URL.

  6. Select the checkboxes for the Pro icon sets you want to make available in Beaver Builder..

  7. Click Save icon settings.
    Whether you're using Font Awesome Pro kit or CDN registration for your domain, you should be seeing a yellow star.

This enables the correct icon sets in your layouts and also enables color choices for Duotone icons in your module settings.

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