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Configure the Beaver Builder admin panel display options

The Beaver Builder admin panel means the view you see when you click Beaver Builder from the WordPress admin panel. In this list of your various Beaver Builder saved items (templates, rows, columns, modules), you can configure which table columns are displayed, how many items are listed on a page, and the type of view (list vs. excerpt).

To configure the screen options in the Beaver Builder admin panel:

  1. In the WordPress admin panel, click Beaver Builder.
    If you don't see Beaver Builder in the admin panel, see the article on enabling it.

  2. In the Beaver Builder submenu, click the type of layout you want to set screen options for: Themer layouts (if Beaver Themer is installed), Templates, Saved rows, Saved columns, Saved modules, or Categories.

  3. Click Screen Options in the upper right corner.

  4. Configure the display settings and click Apply.


To change the slug names for any saved items, open the item for editing, then open the Screen options panel and select the Slug checkbox.