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Remove a Customizer tab

You can easily remove a Customizer tab (either a panel or section) with some custom code.

First, some WordPress terminology. There are Customizer panels and Customizer sections. The difference is that a panel is a tab that contains subtabs, whereas a section is a tab with no subtabs. For example, the General tab is a panel because it contains subtabs, as shown in the following screenshot.

See the table in the next section to find out which tabs are panels and which are sections.

Here's the code you can use as a template. It creates a function and ties it into the appropriate WordPress action hook. In this case it removes the Presets section from the Customizer.

function my_customize_register() {     
global $wp_customize;
$wp_customize->remove_section( 'fl-presets' ); //Modify this line as needed

add_action( 'customize_register', 'my_customize_register', 11 );

The code requires one or two modifications to remove the panel or section you want:

  • To remove a panel instead of a section, use remove_panel instead of remove_section.
  • Change the ID of the panel or section, following the table in the next section.

Add the code to your child theme's functions.php file.

Customizer type and ID reference

In order to use the code example above, you need to know if the Customizer tab is a panel or a section and its ID. Here's a table to make this easier.

TitlePanel or SectionID
General > Layoutsectionfl-layout
General > Backgroundsectionfl-body-bg
General > Accent Colorsectionfl-accent-color
General > Headingssectionfl-heading-font
General > Textsectionfl-body-font
General > Buttonssectionfl-buttons
General > Social Linkssectionfl-social-links
Header > Top Bar Layoutsectionfl-topbar-layout
Header > Top Bar Stylesectionfl-topbar-style
Header > Header Layoutsectionfl-header-layout
Header > Header Stylesectionfl-header-style
Header > Header Logosectionfl-header-logo
Header > Nav Layoutsectionfl-nav-layout
Header > Nav Stylesectionfl-nav-style
Content > Content Backgroundsectionfl-content-bg
Content > Blog Layoutsectionfl-content-blog
Content > Archive Layoutsectionfl-content-archives
Content > Post Layoutsectionfl-content-posts
Content > WooCommerce Layoutsectionfl-content-woo
Content > Lightboxsectionfl-lightbox-layout
Footer > Footer Widgets Layoutsectionfl-footer-widgets-layout
Footer > Footer Widgets Stylesectionfl-footer-widgets-style
Footer > Footer Layoutsectionfl-footer-layout
Footer > Footer Stylesectionfl-footer-style
Footer > Footer Parallaxsectionfl-footer-effect
Widgets (This is a WordPress default customizer panel)panelwidgets
Widgets > Footer Column 1sectionfooter-col
Widgets > Footer Column 2sectionfooter-col-2
Widgets > Footer Column 3sectionfooter-col-3
Widgets > Footer Column 4sectionfooter-col-4
Widgets > After Post Widgetsectionafter-post-widget
Code > CSS Codesectionfl-css-code-section
Code > JavaScript Codesectionfl-js-code-section
Code > Head Codesectionfl-head-code-section
Code > Header Codesectionfl-header-code-section
Code > Footer Codesectionfl-footer-code-section
Settings > Site Identity (This is a WordPress default customizer section)sectiontitle_tagline
Settings > Home Page Settings (This is a WordPress default customizer section)sectionstatic_front_page
Menus (This is a WordPress default customizer panel)panelnav_menus
Additional CSS (This is a WordPress default customizer section)sectioncustom_css
Export/Import (This is a WordPress default customizer section)sectionfl-export-import