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General tab options for custom theme presets


Title in CustomizerKeyValue options
Widthfl-layout-widthboxed, full-width
Content Widthfl-content-widthNumber between 960 & 1920
Spacing (if Boxed width chosen)fl-layout-spacingNumber between 0 and 150
Drop Shadow Size (if Boxed width chosen)fl-layout-shadow-sizeNumber between 0 & 75
Drop Shadow Color (if Boxed width chosen)fl-layout-shadow-colorAny hex color
Scroll to Top Buttonfl-scroll-to-topenable, disable
CSS frameworkfl-frameworkbase, base-4, bootstrap, bootstrap-4
Font Awesomefl-awesomenone, fa4, fa5


Title in CustomizerKeyValue options
Background Colorfl-body-bg-colorAny hex color
Background Repeat (if background image chosen)fl-body-bg-repeatno-repeat, repeat, repeat-x, repeat-y
Background Position (if background image chosen)fl-body-bg-positionleft top, left center, left bottom, right top, right center, right bottom, center top, center center, center bottom
Background Attachment (if background image chosen)fl-body-bg-attachmentscroll, fixed
Background Scale (if background image chosen)fl-body-bg-sizeauto, contain, cover

Accent Color#

Title in CustomizerKeyValue options
Colorfl-accentAny hex color
Hoverfl-accent-hoverAny hex color


Title in CustomizerKeyValue options
Colorfl-heading-text-colorAny hex color
Font Familyfl-heading-font-familyAny of our system of Google fonts
Font Weightfl-heading-font-weight100 through 900 ( depends on the font)
Font Formatfl-heading-font-formatnone, capitalize, uppercase, lowercase
H1 - H6 font sizefl-h1-font-size, fl-h2-font-size, fl-h3-font-size, fl-h4-font-size, fl-h5-font-size, fl-h6-font-sizeAny number between 10-72
H1 - H6 line heightfl-h1-line-height, fl-h2-line-height, fl-h3-line-height, fl-h4-line-height, fl-h5-line-height, fl-h6-line-heightNumber between 1 and 2.5 (decimals accepted)
H1 - H6 letter spacingfl-h1-letter-spacing, fl-h2-letter-spacing, fl-h3-letter-spacing, fl-h4-letter-spacing, fl-h5-letter-spacing, fl-h6-letter-spacingAny number between -3 and 10 (negative number accepted)


Title in CustomizerKeyValue options
Colorfl-body-text-colorAny hex value
Font Familyfl-body-font-familyAny of our system or Google fonts
Font Weightfl-body-font-weight100 through 900 ( depends on the font)
Font Sizefl-body-font-sizeAny number between 10-72
Line Heightfl-body-line-heightNumber between 1 and 2.5 (decimals accepted)


Title in CustomizerKeyValue options
Button stylefl-buttonsNone or custom
Colorfl-button-colorAny hex value
Hover colorfl-button-hover-colorAny hex value
Background colorfl-button-background-colorAny hex value
Background hover colorfl-button-background-hover-colorAny hex value
Font familyfl-button-font-familyAny of our system or Google fonts
Font weightfl-button-font-weight100 through 900 (depends on the font)
Font sizefl-button-font-sizeAny number between 10-72
Line heightfl-button-line-heightNumber between 1 and 2.5 (decimals accepted)
Text transformfl-button-text-transformnone, capitalize, uppercase, lowercase
Border stylefl-button-border-stylenone, solid, dashed, dotted, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset, initial, inherit
Border widthfl-button-border-widthAny number between 10-72
Border colorfl-button-border-colorAny hex value
Border radiusfl-button-border-radiusAny number between 0-25

Social Links#

Title in CustomizerKeyValue options
Social Links Colorfl-social-icons-colorbranded, monochrome
Social Linksfl-social-facebook, fl-social-twitter, fl-social-google, fl-social-linkedin, fl-social-yelp, fl-social-xing, fl-social-pinterest, fl-social-tumblr, fl-social-vimeo, fl-social-youtube, fl-social-flickr, fl-social-instagram, fl-social-skype, fl-social-dribbble, fl-social-500px, fl-social-blogger, fl-social-github, fl-social-rss, fl-social-emailURL
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