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CMDG 05: Module HTML

A module only needs the main module file and the frontend HTML file to work. This file is required and should be located at my-plugin/my- module/includes/frontend.php. It is used to render the HTML for each individual instance of your module and provides access to the full WordPress environment in addition to the following variables.

$module object#

An instance of your module class that has all of the properties and methods of the parent FLBuilderModule class in addition to the properties and methods that you define.

$id string#

The module's node ID.

$settings object#

An object that contains the module settings you defined when registering your module. Use these to output content or check for certain conditions before doing so.


<div class="fl-example-text">
<?php echo $settings->textarea_field; ?>
<?php $module->example_method(); ?>
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