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Software releases and versioning

Purchasing a Beaver Builder product subscription entitles you to software updates and support during the subscription period. There is a single Beaver Builder license that includes all of the product subscriptions you have purchased and their expiration dates.

Beaver Builder products use a semantic version numbering system with four number positions, in which each number position relates to a specific type of release, as follows:


All versions are backward-compatible, meaning that any layouts or settings you've created with previous versions of the software will work with new releases.

Major milestone releases (1.0, 2.0)#

Mark a substantial improvement in the product. They contain significant new features, redesign of the user interface, or new developer features, while maintaining backward compatibility. Beaver Builder major milestone releases go through alpha and beta testing. The production release date depends on the point at which the version is considered stable enough to use and support.

Major updates (2.1, 2.2)#

Contain enhancements (such as new settings or new actions and filters for developers) plus bug fixes. Beaver Builder major releases also go through alpha and beta testing, and the production release date depends on the point at which the product is considered stable enough to use and support.

Minor updates (2.2.1, 2.2.2)#

Contain bug fixes and possibly minor enhancements. The need for a minor update is reviewed at the beginning of each month and, if deemed necessary, the release occurs at the end of the month.

Patches (,

Contain important bug fixes that affect product functionality or security and warrant an immediate release. Patches are released as needed.

Each new release increases its version number position sequentially while resetting the following numbering positions to zero. For example, the next release after 2.1 could be 2.1.1 (a new minor update), 2.2 (a new major update) or 3.0 (a new major milestone release). Or, if the current version is patch, the next release could be (another patch), 2.1.2 (a minor update), 2.2 (a major update), or 3.0 (a new major milestone release).

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