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Difference between unlimited sites and multisite-capable

Here's the difference between multisite-capable and unlimited sites in relation to Beaver Builder packages and your Beavver Builder license.


Normally, you install WordPress on each site you build so it's a standalone installation. Multisite-capable refers to a specific WordPress setup that lets you install WordPress once and manage multiple sites under that one installation. This is also referred to as a network. You can read more about network/multisite setups in the WordPress documentation.

Only the Beaver Builder Pro and Agency packages are multisite-capable.

Unlimited sites

Unlimited sites refers to the number of sites that you can add your license key to. There is no limit on any of our packages, including network sites with multisite setups.

Unlimited sites also means that you can use your license key across servers and even hosts.

See our Terms and Conditions for details about the conditions under which you can use your license key.