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Do I need to use the Beaver Builder theme with the Beaver Builder plugin?

No! Absolutely not. The Beaver Builder plugin was designed to work with nearly all themes. (See the list of known theme incompatibilities.)

We do think Beaver Builder Theme is a great choice, for the reasons below.

Fully integrated with the Beaver Builder plugin#

WordPress themes can be really bloated with code. The Beaver Builder Theme is fully integrated with the Beaver Builder plugin to maximize functionality and performance. For example, both theme and plugin settings are taken into account before Google fonts are loaded onto a page. You also have options such as whether to load the set of Font Awesome icons on every page, or only pages on which an icon appears.

Also, using both the plugin and theme makes Beaver Builder a one-stop shop: if you have a problem with either plugin or theme, you can contact our great Support team.

Fully responsive, built on Bootstrap#

If you're familiar with frameworks like Bootstrap, you'll be right at home with the Beaver Builder Theme. It has Bootstrap baked into its core. When writing custom styles for Beaver Builder, keep in mind that it follows the same “mobile first” approach as Bootstrap.

Font Awesome Support#

We’ve also baked in support for Font Awesome. It's easy to use any number of their amazing icons in your custom child theme.

Customization options#

If you're a developer, here's a link to the theme hooks available for the theme. This list is automatically updated with each release.

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