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Beaver Themer 1.3 overview

This release of Beaver Themer 1.3 has the following major new features.

BigCommerce Support#

If you have the BigCommerce plugin for WordPress installed, Beaver Themer has a number of modules to add Beaver Builder layouts to let you build Themer layouts for BigCommerce displays on your site. See more information about the Beaver Themer - BigCommerce integration.

Connect and disconnect Themer layouts#

There's a new Published column in the Beaver Builder > Themer layouts table that lets you easily connect and disconnect any Themer layout from being applied to its location. When you unpublish a layout, the Themer layout changes to Draft status.

Expanded admin bar choices of editing page, post, or Themer layout#

When a Themer layout is applied to a page or post, clicking the Beaver Builder link in the WordPress admin bar gives you a choice of editing either the page or post layout or the Themer layout. You get some new choices, as shown in this screenshot and described below.

Edit vs. edit Beaver Builder layout#

You'll see a new gear icon in the dropdown next to the Beaver Builder layout choices, which represents the standard WordPress editing page. To open the Beaver Builder editor, click the words (such as Single post layout in the screenshot). To open the standard WordPress editing page for those choices, click the blue icon.

Edit Themer Layout vs. Edit Post#

Previously, after you edit a Themer layout, the admin bar is displayed with both an Edit themer layout choice to open the standard WordPress editor and a Beaver Builder choice to open the Beaver Builder editor for that Themer layout. If you publish a page or post layout and then open a Themer layout from the admin bar, then when you save the Themer layout, you'll see Edit post instead of Edit Themer layout. In addition, as the screenshot shows, mousing over the Beaver Builder option presents the choices of going back to the page or post you were editing before or choosing another Themer layout associated with that page or post.

  • You must publish the layout to see these new options.
    If you save a Themer layout as Draft or discard your changes to the layout, you won't see the new options to return to the page or post you were editing.
  • If you launch Beaver Builder from the Beaver Builder > Themer layouts menu, you won't see an option to return to a page or post.
  • If you want the Edit Themer layout option but you only see Edit Post or Edit page in the admin bar, remember that you can access the WordPress edit page by mousing over the Beaver Builder link and clicking the gear icon.
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