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Create an Archive layout for The Events Calendar

Use an Archive layout to design the following types of archive pages for The Events Calendar plugin:

  • A page that displays the event calendar or lists a set of events
  • A page that lists events for a specific category or tag

For an introduction to how Themer layouts work with The Events Calendar plugin, see the overview article.

Here's how to create and design a Themer layout for an Events archive page.


It helps to have some events created first so you have something to preview as you design the layout in Beaver Themer.

1 Create an Archive-type Themer layout#

  1. In the WordPress admin panel, click Beaver Builder > Themer layouts.
  2. Click the Add New button at the top of the page.
  3. Enter a title for your Themer layout.
  4. Verify that Type is Themer layout and for Layout select Archive, then click Add Themer layout. The Edit Themer layout screen opens.

2 Edit the Archive Themer layout#

  1. For Location, click Choose, then from the Event Archive section choose one of the following:
* **Event archive**
Displays a list of events in all categories.
* **Event category archive**
Lists all the events assigned to the categories you choose.
* **Event tag archive**
Lists all the events assigned to the tags you choose.
  1. Click Publish.

3 Design the page#

  1. Click Launch Beaver Builder.
  2. In the Preview as field at the top of the page, select Event Archive if you want to apply this layout to the Events page. Select a category or tag archive if you are designing one of those types of archive pages.
  3. The Themer layout opens with the Archive template for standard posts. To use the Events template to start building your page, click Templates in the upper right corner and make sure General is selected. Select the Events template, then click Replace existing layout.
    This template contains only the Event Calendar module.
    Note: The calendar will only display if you have Preview as: Event archive selected.
  4. Build the page in Beaver Builder in the normal fashion, by adding and configuring modules.
    See the next section.

Events Calendar modules for the Archive Themer layout#

When you edit an Archive-type Themer layout and have The Events Calendar plugin installed, there's a special content group in the Content panel called Themer modules, and under that is a section called The Events Calendar containing two modules: Event calendar and Event posts. See the other articles in this category for a detailed description of each module.

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