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Version: stable

Archive layout: Event Posts module

The Event Posts module is in The Events Calendar Modules section in the Themer Modules group in the Content panel when you're editing an Archive- type Themer layout in Beaver Themer and you have The Events Calendar plugin installed.

The Event Posts module has all of the regular Posts module settings on the Layout tab plus an extra Events Calendar section, which lets you show or hide the Event date (and time) and the Event address.

When a Posts module is used in a Themer layout, the Source field on the Content tab is usually set to Main Query. This displays a list of posts that is filtered to match the location in which it occurs. For example, if you create an Archive Themer layout and specify the location as all Event Category archives, then add a Posts module to the Themer layout, every event category archive page will display the posts for just that category.

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