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Version: stable

Archive layout: Event Calendar module

The Event Calendar module is in The Events Calendar Modules section of the Themer modules group in the Content panel when you're editing an Archive-type Themer layout in Beaver Themer and you have The Events Calendar plugin installed.

The Event Calendar module inserts the calendar that you normally see on the /events page. The published page will show the view that is set in Events > Settings > Display > Default view. If you have it set to list, the Events page will display List view.

  • When you insert the Event Calendar module into your Themer layout, it will always display the Calendar view, even when the Default view is set to List.
  • When you publish the Themer layout, the URL is still set to To see the correct view of the page, change the URL to

The Event Calendar module has only a Style tab and an Advanced tab. For style, you can set the foreground color and background color of the calendar and the text color and background color of error notices. The Advanced tab has the usual Beaver Builder settings.

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