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Easy Digital Downloads Field Connections

The article covers all available field connections for the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. The field connections listed in this article require the Easy Digital Downloads plugin to be installed and active on your WordPress site.

Product Title

Outputs a product's title.


You can wrap the field connection with Heading tags e.g. <h3>[wpbb post:edd_product_title]</h3>

[wpbb post:edd_product_title]

Product Price

Outputs a product’s price. Examples: $12.00 or $9.99 - $14.99 (for variable pricing).

[wpbb post:edd_product_price]

Product Content

Outputs a product's content i.e. the content added to the WordPress editor when creating or editing a product.

[wpbb post:edd_product_content]

Product Short Description

Outputs a product's short description (content added to the Excerpt panel on the edit product page).

[wpbb post:edd_product_short_description]

Add to Cart Button

Outputs a purchase button. If Variable Pricing is enabled, the purchase options will appear above the button as radio buttons. If Multi-option purchase mode is enabled, the radio buttons will be replaced with checkboxes allowing for multiple purchases.

[wpbb post:edd_add_to_cart_button]