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Version: 1.5

BigCommerce Field Connections

The article covers all available field connections for the BigCommerce plugin. The field connections listed in this article require the BigCommerce plugin to be installed and active on your WordPress site and connected store.

Product Title

Outputs a product's title.


You can wrap the field connection with Heading tags e.g. <h3>[wpbb post:bigcommerce_product_title]</h3>

[wpbb post:bigcommerce_product_title]

Product Brand

Outputs a product's brand. The brand is wrapped in <span> tags.

For example: <span class="bc-product__brand">Brand Name</span>.

[wpbb post:bigcommerce_product_brand]

Product Pricing

Outputs a product’s price. Example: $12.00 or $9.99.

[wpbb post:bigcommerce_product_price]

Product Original Price

Outputs a product’s original price. Example: $12.00 or $9.99.

[wpbb post:bigcommerce_product_original_price]

Product Sales Price

Outputs a product’s sales price. Example: $12.00 or $9.99.

[wpbb post:bigcommerce_product_sale_price]

Product Description

Outputs a product's description.

[wpbb post:bigcommerce_product_description]

Product Images

Outputs a product's images.

[wpbb post:bigcommerce_product_images]

Product Rating

Outputs a product's rating with link to reviews. Example: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 1 review

Product Rating - Star Count

Outputs a product's rating star count. Example: 5

Product Rating - Percentage

Outputs a product's rating percentage. Example: 100

[wpbb post:bigcommerce_product_rating_percentage]

Add to Cart Button

Outputs a purchase button with input field for choosing quantity.

[wpbb post:bigcommerce_cart_button]