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Version: Beaver Builder 2.7

Limit on adding rows?

Beaver Builder has no limit on the number of rows you can use in a layout. If you find that you can't add rows to a page beyond a certain point, check for the following:

  • Are you trying nest columns? You can't recursively nest columns. If you keep trying to drag a module into another column and it doesn't appear there, you've probably exceeded the nesting limit.
    One way to solve this if you have a complex column structure is to create your layout with blank columns, then drag your modules into that new structure. It's easier to keep track of what's nested.

  • If it seems like you've hit a row limit, where you can add or save any new rows you add, try increasing the value of the post_max_vars value in a php.ini file.
    If you're not sure how to do this, your hosting provider should be able to help.