Breakpoints for device sizes

Both the Beaver Builder plugin and the Beaver Builder Theme have their own breakpoint values for small, medium and large devices, which you can customize. (/beaver Builder Theme has this capability since Version 1.7.3.) These values correspond to browser widths and determine the point at which the layout switches to that for medium and small devices.

Behaviors for medium and small device sizes

Here's what changes in the parts of the page controlled by the plugin and theme when you change from one device size category to another. This is the default behavior. We'll give you ways to get different behavior in the last section.

 Medium devicesSmall devices
Beaver Builder pluginVISIBILITY: Advanced tab > Visibility > Breakpoint sizes must include Medium devices to appear on the published page (default is all sizes)VISIBILITY: Advanced tab > Visibility > Breakpoint sizes must include Small devices to appear on the published page COLUMN STACKING: Columns in layout stack vertically
Beaver Builder ThemeHEADER LAYOUT: Nav Right, Nav Left, and Nav Centered + Inline Logo change to Nav Centered (menu below logo)NAV LAYOUT: Nav menu collapses to Hamburger icon or MENU link

If you use a Beaver Themer header layout, the Beaver Builder plugin's breakpoints will control header behavior.

Customize device size behavior

Customize the breakpoint values

The breakpoint values are found in the following locations:

To customize the breakpoint values in the Beaver Builder Plugin:

  • In the Beaver Builder editor, click the down arrow in the upper left corner to open the Tools menu, then click Global settings and go to the Responsive layout section.

To customize the breakpoint values in the Beaver Builder Theme:

  • From the WordPress admin panel, click Appearance > Customize > General > Layout and scroll to the two breakpoint settings.

Because of differences in architecture between the plugin and theme, the defined breakpoint values are one pixel different from the plugin in determining device behavior, as shown in this table.

 Large devicesMedium devicesSmall devices
Default breakpoint value (plugin and theme): browser widthundefined992px768px
Browser width range for device sizePlugin: 993px and higher Theme: 992px and higherPlugin: 769-992px Theme: 768-991pxPlugin: 768px and lower Theme: 767px and lower

Keep visibility the same in landscape and portrait tablet orientation

Here's an example of how a row, column, or module set not to be visible at small devices can mean that that content appears in landscape orientation and disappears in portrait orientation as you rotate the tablet, and how to fix that.

The display size of some iPad models is 1024x768px for landscape orientation and 768x1024px for portrait orientation. The default small device size in the Beaver Builder plugin is 768px, so if you set visibility for a row, column, or module to not include small devices, then it will not appear on this iPad in portrait orientation, but it will appear at landscape orientation.

To avoid this behavior, change the plugin's default small device breakpoint from 768px to 767px. Check the display size of other tablets and tweak that setting if necessary.

Reverse or prevent column stacking

By default, in Beaver Builder layouts, columns stack vertically on small devices. See this article for a detailed description of how nested columns stack. This stacking behavior applies to both standard content area layouts and to Beaver Themer layouts, such as in a Header layout.

You can reverse the column stacking order for any layer of columns in your layout by following these instructions.

You can also prevent columns from stacking by setting custom responsive widths.

Use the mobile nav for larger devices

If you use a Beaver Builder Theme header, by default the responsive nav Hamburger icon or MENU link is used for small devices, but the following setting can be changed to include medium devices or all devices: Appearance > Customize > Header > Nav layout > Responsive Nav Breakpoint. You can change other responsive nav settings on that tab, including the text for the MENU link.

If you use a Beaver Themer header, the Menu module's General tab has a Responsive section with a Responsive breakpoint field where you can change the device sizes that use the responsive nav.

Preserve the theme's header layout on medium devices

If you want to keep the Beaver Theme's Nav Left, Nav Right, and Nav Centered + Inline Logo header layouts intact on medium devices instead of changing to the Nav Centered layout, set the Medium device breakpoint at Appearance > Customize > General > Layout to match the mobile setting, which by default is 768px. This keeps the same header layout at both landscape and portrait orientation on the models of iPads whose portrait orientation is 768px or higher. Tweak this setting if you want to include other tablets, but also make sure that your menu is readable and tappable at portrait orientation.

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