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Known Issues

This is a partial list of high-priority issues we're chipping away at.

Status: Pending = Issue has been reviewed but not fixed yet.

Status: Fixed = Issue has been fixed internally, waiting for the next release.

Status: Released = Issue has been fixed and released.

Beaver Builder

UI Dark mode syntax highlighting is missing

Status: Released

Description: Syntax highlighting goes away when using Dark Mode in the UI

IR: 926

Callout Module HTML Error

Status: Released

Description: There's an HTML error when using a link and an icon

IR: 906

Button Group Module

Status: Fixed

Description: Some individual border styles do not override the global styles

IR: 689

Content Slider

Mobile Layout JS error

Status: Pending

Description: JS error on mobile if you click a link

Button Padding is not responsive

Status: Fixed

Description: Button padding is not fully responsive

IR: 868

Posts Module

Issue with images not loading on Safari 13 and below

Status: Released

Description: When using the load more option for Pagination, in Safari 13 and below, images can not show due to how Safari handles srcset with AJAX.

IR: 980

Video Module

Video Module not specified error

Status: Released

Description: "video embed not specified" error notice shows when using connect field connection and the field is empty

IR: 913

Beaver Themer

The Events Calendar

Event description module shows too much information

Status: Pending

Description: It displays all of the Event content instead of just the description when Gutenberg content editor is in use.

IR: 176

Event notices module not working

Status: Released

Description: Module displays empty even when there should be content

IR: 154

Multi-Day events do not always display when they should

Status: Released

Description: If the start date has passed the event does not show even if the end date hasn't passed.

IR: 121

Applying a Singular layout to Organizer results in a loading gif

Status: Released

Description: Applying a singular Themer layout shows a loading GIF above the content area

IR: 152


LearnDash has indicated to us that they are working on a fix as it's not just an issue with Beaver Builder but all Page Builders that use/offer custom Templates.

Description: After updating LearnDash, much of the LearnDash content is missing.

Beaver Builder Theme

Status: Released

IR: 146

Status: Pending

Description: In some cases, the submenu can't be accessed or can't be closed on iPad Safari. This may require a refactor of our menu.

IR: 107