Known Issues

This is a partial list of high-priority issues we're chipping away at.

Status: Pending = Issue has been reviewed but not fixed yet.

Status: Fixed = Issue has been fixed internally, waiting for the next release.

Status: Released = Issue has been fixed and released.

Beaver Builder

Fixed Background Images on iPadOS

Status: Released

Description: Fixed background images show up zoomed in on iPadOS.

IR: 686

Accordion Module

Status: Released

Description: Issues with labels when using RTL

IR: 414

Button Group module

Status: Released

Description: For a Button Group with Horizontal layout with several buttons, the space between the first and second button is missing on smaller screen size.

Button Spacing not working on Safari

Responsive alignment not working

Content Slider module

Status: Released

Description: Button padding is not working

IR: 625

Text Editor module

Status: Released

Description: With HappyFox plugin active and connected to the API, the Add Media button in the Text Editor module does not function.

IR: 445

Posts Module buttons broken with jQuery 3.5.1

Status: Released

Description: Due to a markup issue, the buttons are out of place and not functional with jQuery 3.5.1

IR: 611

Compatibility Issues

Happy Fox

Status: Released

Description: BB UI does not work with HappyFox plugin active


Status: Released

Description: BB UI does not open when editing a Header layout with the Klaviyo plugin active


Status: Released

Description: Fix pagination on a Polylang translated page when more than 1 Posts module appears on the layout


Status: Released

Description: Fix pagination on WooCommerce archives when more than 1 Posts module appears on the layou

WOOF WooCommerce Products Filter

Status: Released

Description: Markup broken underneath the Posts module when this plugin is active

Yoast SEO

Status: Released

Description: Yoast is unable to read BB content

Beaver Themer


Status: Released

Description: When Yoast and BigCommerce are active on a site and a post module is used on a page to display BC products, when you try to edit that page in the WP admin, a fatal error occurs

IR: 187

The Events Calendar

Event description module shows too much information

Status: Pending

Description: It displays all of the Event content instead of just the description when Gutenberg content editor is in use

IR: 176

Event notices module not working

Status: Fixed

Description: Module displays empty even when there should be content

IR: 154

Multi-Day events do not always display when they should

Status: Pending

Description: If the start date has passed the event does not show even if the end date hasn't passed.

IR: 121

Applying a Singular layout to Organizer results in a loading gif

Status: Pending

Description: Applying a singular Themer layout shows a loading GIF above the content area

IR: 152


LearnDash has indicated to us that they are working on a fix as it's not just an issue with Beaver Builder but all Page Builders that use/offer custom Templates.

Description: After updating LearnDash, much of the LearnDash content is missing.


Product sorting does not work with multiple posts modules on the page

Status: Pending

Description: It seems like it is sorting by price, for example, but it is not accurate

IR: 141

Beaver Builder Theme

Sub-Menu indicator does not display if Font Awesome Pro is enabled in the BB Plugin

Status: Fixed

IR: 146

Submenu can't be accessed on iPad Safari

Status: Pending

Description: In some cases, the submenu can't be accessed or can't be closed on iPad Safari.

IR: 107

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