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Install Beaver Builder via Composer

You can install Beaver Builder Plugin, Beaver Builder Theme, or Beaver Themer via Composer.

Install with composer.json

Create a composer.json file in your WordPress root folder and add the following code. Replace KEY with your key from your My Account page.

"repositories": {
"beaver-builder": {
"type": "composer",
"url": ""
"require": {
"beaver-builder/bb-plugin-pro": "*",
"beaver-builder/bb-theme": "*",
"beaver-builder/bb-theme-builder": "*"

Run composer install in CLI to install the latest versions of all three packages in their correct plugin and theme folders. To install specific versions, substitute the * in the JSON file with the version you require.

Using a global config

You can add your repo link to the global composer config so you can then install the packages via CLI without even needing a composer.json file. Run the following command in CLI:

composer config --global repositories.beaver-builder composer

After the global config is added you can then install any version of any package with a single-line command. Here are a few examples:

composer require beaver-builder/bb-plugin-pro installs the latest available Pro version of Beaver Builder. Substitute the following for your version of the plugin:

  • Standard version: bb-plugin-standard
  • Pro version: bb-plugin-pro
  • Agency version: bb-plugin-agency

composer require beaver-builder/bb-plugin-pro:2.3.1 installs the Pro version 2.3.1 of Beaver Builder.

composer require beaver-builder/bb-theme will install the latest version of the Beaver Builder Theme.

composer require beaver-builder/bb-theme-builder will install the latest version of Beaver Themer.