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Render layouts with PHP

You can render Beaver Builder layouts using PHP. This is typically done in theme files to create editable headers and footers, but there are other uses as well, such as an editable callout below your posts.

Use the FLBuilder::render_query method for this purpose. It accepts an array of query parameters and works exactly the same way WP_Query works, except that it renders Beaver Builder layout for any posts that are found instead of returning them.

See the WordPress Codex on WP_Query for more information about the query parameters that can be passed to this method.


  • Render a page with the ID of 123.

    FLBuilder::render_query( array(
    'page_id' => 123
    ) );
  • Render a Beaver Builder template with the ID of 123. Note that templates, saved rows, and saved modules are all stored using the fl-builder-template post type.

    FLBuilder::render_query( array(
    'post_type' => 'fl-builder-template',
    'p' => 123
    ) );