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License Suspension

As a license holder of our product(s), you are allowed to use Beaver Builder products on websites that you own or manage. However, you cannot distribute, freely give away, or resell your license.

If we believe license abuse is occurring, as per our terms and conditions we reserve the right to suspend or even terminate subscriptions when necessary.

If you feel this was in error, please contact us immediately.

License Suspension Errors

In the case of a suspended license, you'll see errors on the Beaver Builder My Account page and when attempting to enter your license key.

My Account

You will receive the following error when visiting Beaver Builder's My Account page:

The key associated with this account has been blocked. Your downloads may be unavailable.

My Account license key blocked message

Entering License Key

The following error will appear when you attempt to enter your license key on a website:

Key has been blocked

WordPress Admin Dashboard license key blocked message