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About this release

Here are the new features in Beaver Builder 2.4.

Four new modules#

Premium versions of Beaver Builder 2.4 have four new modules:

Existing module improvements#

  • Video module
    There are new options to show the video in a lightbox, hide player controls, and allow sticky positioning when the video plays on a page.
  • Subscribe Form module
    Groundhogg appears in the list of supported services when the GroundHogg plugin is activated.
  • Contact Form module
    You can choose to display only form labels, only placeholder text, or both.
  • WooCommerce module
    You can now sort and include specific category IDs.

Beaver Builder Lite improvements#

Three modules have been added to the free version of Beaver Builder:

In addition, prebuilt layout templates have been added to the free version. See this article for an overview of how to work with layout templates. Note that in the free version you can't save or export custom layout templates.

Accessibility improvements#

The following accessibility changes and improvements have been made:

  • Added a Screen reader text field to all modules that allow icon selection, which assists screen readers in describing the icon correctly. See the article about Icon and Icon Group modules for an example of the HTML output.
  • Added labels to the Subscribe Form module.
  • Contact Form module: Added an aria-describedby attribute to each input field to assist screenreaders in describing the purpose of the field. Allow both the spacebar and Enter keys to submit the form.
  • Removed blank lines from the Callout Module.
  • Testimonials Module: Controls were flipped so the markup matches the display.

Other improvements#

  • New Embedded code option in row backgrounds.
    This features lets you embed HTML and shortcode. See the article about working with rows.
  • Added <main> to the list of row/column/module container tag options on the Advanced tab.
    The Advanced tab is documented here.
  • Added SpinupWP to the cache clearing tool.
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