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Version: Beaver Builder 2.8


There are three aspects to translations:

  • Using POT files to get the translatable text for translations into new languages
  • Getting a translated version of the Beaver Builder Plugin and Theme
  • Building multilingual websites

New translations

To facilitate new translations, Beaver Theme's translatable text is provided in a POT file at bb-theme/languages/fl-automator.pot.

Translated versions

The Beaver Builder Plugin and Theme are currently available in a number of languages. Please visit the following links for an overview of which languages Beaver Builder is currently translated in and how complete those translations are.

We're always looking to increase the number of available translations, so let us know if you're interested in helping and we'll hook you up with a free year of our Pro membership. Please note we cannot comp a higher package of Beaver Builder. If a higher package is necessary, we can comp the Pro membership pricing and you will be responsible for the difference in pricing.

Beaver Builder is currently translated using GlotPress. To get access and become a translator, please contact us using this form.

Multilingual websites

There are various plugins that assist with translating your site, but there are two that have specific integrations with Beaver Builder: