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Choose Bootstrap 3 or 4

Beaver Builder Theme is built on the Bootstrap framework, and Bootstrap is transitioning from Version 3 to Version 4. Here's a good technical summary of the changes in Bootstrap 4. Note in particular the change in browser support.


The Beaver Builder Theme Version 1.7.9 upgraded to Bootstrap Version 4.6.0.

In Customize > General > Layout, there's a Framework field with settings to help in the eventual transition to Bootstrap 4 or to choose which version of Bootstrap you want if you're having any issues. You can choose from the following settings:

  • Minimal Bootstrap 3
    The default setting, and the one to keep if you're not sure. It loads a minimal version of Bootstrap 3 with the functionality required to ensure that the theme works as it does now.
  • Minimal Bootstrap 4
    Loads a minimal version of Bootstrap 4.
  • Full Bootstrap 3
    Loads the full version of Bootstrap 3.
  • Full Bootstrap 4
    Loads the full version of Bootstrap 4.

The Minimal Bootstrap is a lightweight build that only contains the CSS needed for the grid system and basic styling. This includes:

  • Grid
  • Print Styles
  • Typography
  • Code
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Navs
  • Navbar

Full Bootstrap includes all CSS and JavaScript with the exception of Popper.js. To use popper.js with the BB Theme you will need to enqueue the script.

If you have a new site and want to use Bootstrap 4 features and don't mind the loss of support for older systems, you can try choosing Bootstrap 4. If you have existing customizations using Bootstrap 3 or Bootstrap 4 and need to ensure your layouts are not broken, choose the appropriate version.