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Content tab options for custom theme presets

Content Background#

Title in CustomizerKeyValue options
Background colorfl-content-bg-colorAny hex color
Background opacityfl-content-bg-opacityAny hex color
Background imagefl-content-bg-imageURL to image
Background repeatfl-content-bg-repeatnone, repeat, repeat-y, repeat-x
Background positionfl-content-bg-positionleft top, left center, left bottom, right top, right center, right bottom, center top, center center, center bottom
Background attachmentfl-content-bg-attachmentscroll, fixed
Background sizefl-content-bg-sizeauto, contain, cover

Blog Layout#

Title in CustomizerKeyValue options
Sidebar positionfl-blog-layoutsidebar-right, sidebar-left, no-sidebar
Sidebar sizefl-blog-sidebar-size4 (large), 3 (medium), 2 (small), 1 (custom)
Custom sidebar widthfl-blog-custom-sidebar-sizeNumber between 10-50 ( increments of 1 )
Sidebar displayfl-blog-sidebar-displaydesktop, always
Sidebar locationfl-blog-sidebar-locationblog, single, search, archive
Apply sidebar to post typesfl-blog-sidebar-location-post-typesUse 'custom' => 'post_types' to list all post types as an option
Post authorfl-blog-post-authorvisible, hidden
Post datefl-blog-post-datevisible, hidden
Comment Countfl-blog-comment-countvisible, hidden

Archive Layout#

Title in CustomizerKeyValue options
Show full textfl-archive-show-full1, 0
"Read more" textfl-archive-readmore-textAny text (do not use apostrophes as that will break the theme). Only visible if Show Full Text is set to 0
Featured imagefl-archive-show-thumbs(blank for hidden), above-title, above, beside
Image sizefl-archive-thumb-sizeUse 'choices' => archive_post_image_sizes() to pull in image size

Post Layout#

Title in CustomizerKeyValue options
Featured imagefl-posts-show-thumbs(blank for hidden), above-title, above, beside
Post categoriesfl-posts-show-catsvisible, hidden
Post tagsfl-posts-show-tagsvisible, hidden
Prev post linksfl-posts-show-navvisible, hidden

Woocommerce Layout#

Title in CustomizerKeyValue options
Lightboxfl-lightbox-layoutenabled, disabled
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