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Set global default button styles

You can set a custom global button style in Customizer that applies as the default button style in Beaver Builder layouts.


These custom default button styles apply to WooCommerce buttons if the WooCommerce plugin is installed.

The custom global button settings are at Customize > General > Buttons. If Button style is None, the Button colors come from the accent color setting or a preset. If you set Button style to Custom, the following button settings become available:

  • Button text and background color.
  • Text style (font family, weight, size, line height, text transform).
    Font size and font weight can be set for each device size. Use the responsive previewer at the bottom of the Customizer to change the device size for each setting.
  • Button border style and radius (corner rounding).

Settings for individual buttons on the Style tab of the Button module in Beaver Builder override these global default settings.